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Because it's not just a model... It's your vision.

A model is the best way to get across space, proportion and really bring your architectural vision right to a prospective investor, buyer or even to see it for yourself.

Our gallery highlights many different kinds of models that the decades of experience Jon Bell can bring you, and he's built for some of the biggest names in the industry on projects that are simply amazing, working on projects from all kinds of industries and design styles.

Another great service we offer is custom children's furniture.  Our children's furniture gallery will show you examples of the excellent craftsmanship.

Feel free to peruse our site, then contact us for a consultation to make your dreams a reality (in miniature!)

A detail from a complete model of central Detroit, created especially for SmithGroup.  Note the buildings designed by SmithGroup are a darker color than the rest to show the impact the company has had on the Detroit skyline over the years.
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